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Education is where it all began for Sirius.We understand schools very well as they are a large proportion of our business. We’ve been serving schools since 2008 and our staff have since 2001.

Our approach is a little different to other education sector IT support providers. We are the right size to make sure schools enjoy a major relationship with us and we focus on both schools’ short and long term needs and goals.

And combining our experience with schools and small business, we are well placed to support Early Childhood Education providers too.

We can offer the following services for schools and ECE providers.

  • Extensive knowledge of Ministry of Education ICT related programmes (such as SNUP and WSNUP, TELA, and the Microsoft Schools Agreement).
  • Robust and resilient networks and services, ensuring that both short term needs such as collaboration and communication, and long term needs such as strategic goals, infrastructure development and information archival, are well met.
  • Professional school website creation and management
  • Managed and robust Wi-Fi, including the right mix of network segregation to balance security with functionality
  • Equipment procurement, tracking, labelling, management and repairs (PCs, Macs, iPads, Chromebooks)
  • Technical advisory and planning services
  • Liaison services with other service providers, including strategic planning consultants such as for eLPF implementation



[Sirius’] level of service and commitment to developing a network to meet our needs in a constantly changing environment has been beyond anything we could have expected. Andrew is more than the network technician; his ability to provide the engineering and programming solutions to any issue or need puts us in the position of being able to provide solutions in a timely and affordable manner.

Lynley Ainsworth

IT Manager, Campbells Bay School

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