This blog article was first published on our old website in September 2014.

It sucks being the ambulance at the bottom of the data-loss cliff, being able to do nothing but tell distraught users “I’m sorry for your loss”.

We in the ICT industry could go blue in the face telling customers, friends, and family to backup, backup, backup, but again and again we encounter people who have lost precious data because they never got around to it. Or, they did back up, once, sometime last year, with no hope for their precious family photos, months or years of research, or critical business data, which are now gone.

Or, their backup was in the same bag as the laptop that got stolen, or in the same room as the computer that caught fire.

And, as these images can tell, the results can be devastating, even heartbreaking.

This is why we’ve made the decision to include 10GB cloud storage in all our support plans – not as an option, but as a base service. We will now be offering SiriusCloud 10GB to all our customers and including it in our base care plan.

This second image has to be one of the more heartbreaking ones. Today’s digital age makes it so easy to create and capture precious memories – but it becomes so easy to lose them too if not properly safeguarded ahead of time.

SiriusCloud, our implementation of the fantastic ownCloud cloud storage platform, has some great backup features. We set it up to back up all your documents, at which it point it gives you:

  • change tracking – letting you revert to an older edit of a file just in case you accidentally select and delete several pages without realising until after you saved the file
  • deleted file recovery – letting you restore a file you accidentally deleted, or just plain lost
  • disaster recovery – restore everything to a replacement device
  • full synchronisation across multiple devices – so you can start work on your laptop, continue on your desktop, then view it on your phone or tablet.

We reinforce this with nightly backups of our entire SiriusCloud store which is then kept in multiple locations across Auckland. Meaning that if you use our service, but don’t discover a loss until even several weeks later, we are still likely to be able to recover it.

You don’t even need to know how any of this works! As part of our service we can remotely install it for you, make sure it’s working, and, on your instructions, we can restore anything you have lost or changed by accident, or restore everything a new computer if your old one dies, over the phone. Of course, we can only restore stuff you may have lost if you are already using our service, so give us a call to get protected. We’d rather meet you at the top of the cliff, rather than at the bottom.



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