Data Backup, Sync & Share

Backup / Data Resilience

  • Data backups
  • Computer backups
  • Server Backups
  • Offsite backups
  • Able to back up large amounts of data – 100s of gigabytes

Sync and Share

  • Share files, folders, photos and video with your teams
  • Set multiple security levels as to who can view, change, or reshare your content
  • Share with people outside your organisation, with optional time limits

Our data resilience services work to ensure that your data is backed up and will survive any number of incidents that may hit – everything from spilling coffee on your laptop or it being stolen, to accidental deletions, to larger scale disasters such as a ransomware infection or major equipment failure, fire or flood.

We achieve this through providing our SiriusCloud sync and backup service, which stores your data on our redundant and secure systems with four layers of data protection and point-in-time snapshots going back years.

SiriusCloud is also designed to facilitate content sharing and synchronisation between yourself, your staff and people outside your organisation.

For larger scale operations and for sites with limited bandwidth, or if you prefer the tangibility of an on-premise solution, we can even bring SiriusCloud into your premises, offering fast sync and backup services locally and taking care of off-site backups to our infrastructure overnight.

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