• Inbox sharing
  • Mailbox sharing
  • Shared calendars
  • Email help
  • Email management
  • Email backups
  • Cloud email
  • Spam protection

We can supply serverless enterprise grade e-mail and collaboration through two service offerings – Microsoft Outlook as part of Office 365 Premium, and Zimbra.

Both offer inbox, mailbox, calendar and contact sharing services for your staff, and both come with protection against viruses and spam.

Microsoft Outlook with Azure, as part of Office 365 Business Premium, is the de-facto industry standard for business e-mail and the most widely known.

Or with Zimbra, we offer extensive long-term backup and large history retention and archives so you can keep every single e-mail you think could be important at a later date and find them quickly. Our Zimbra service is a pure cloud service and is hosted locally in Auckland for fast response times.

For customers that prefer the tangibility of an on-premise server, we can also provide and support Zimbra with unlimited mailboxes using on-premises server infrastructure.

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