I.T. Advisory & Lifecycle Management

IT Advisory & Lifecycle Management

  • Planning
  • Security
  • Password Advice
  • Plan remaining life of equipment
  • Plan replacements and renewals
  • Minimising disruption or downtime
  • Clustering
  • Cloud Services

Do you have an ICT infrastructure and services plan?

We can work with you to put together a comprehensive plan covering:

  •  lifecycle and replacement management of your equipment – servers, PCs, laptops, printers, network equipment – with projected maintenance and renewal costs, and exploration of alternatives.
  • research into the software and services you’re using to make sure they’re supported and current, with plans in place to keep you up to date and secure.
  • An overview of your challenges and risks such as obsolescence, security and data loss risks, and how to resolve them
  • Incident response plans to deal with disaster scenarios

We can also provide regular or ad hoc advisory services to help you form your own plans or to assist with any general queries you may have.

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