Sirius Solutions for Small Business

Focus on your business. Let us take care of your technology needs

Home business people are often left on their own or only receive sporadic ICT support. You deserve better.

We can take care of all your IT needs and keep your team connected so that you can focus on your business. Rest assured your data is safe and backed up, and that support is just a phone call away.

We can offer small businesses premium support for:

  • Enterprise-grade e-mail and calendar services that sync directly to your mobile phone, including both per-user and shared mailboxes and calendars, using either Outlook or Zimbra messaging solutions – whichever is more appropriate to your needs
  • Professional website creation and management
  • Managed broadband internet
  • Managed and robust Wi-Fi, including voucher based guest access – perfect for cafés!
  • Managed phone services for a professional appearance when customers call you
  • IT equipment procurement services
  • Technical advisory and planning services

We can work with you to determine what you need to get all your IT requirements sorted and running smoothly.

If working internet is critical for your business, such as needing EFTPOS working all the time, we can supply solutions with automatic failover to mobile (3G/4G) so facilities like your EFTPOS will continue to work even if the landline has gone down.

For larger offices or hospitality businesses, our UniFi managed Wi-Fi service will give you robust, reliable and secure Wi-Fi complete with voucher-based guest access for your customers.

With either our Outlook or Zimbra messaging solutions, your e-mail and calendar syncs straight to your mobile and you can share mailboxes and calendars with your teams.

Similarly you can share documents, photos and other content seamlessly via SiriusCloud.

We also make sure that everything is always backed up to our SiriusCloud service, so your data is safe no matter what may happen on-premises.

All the above comes at easily affordable rates and on one convenient monthly bill.

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