SiriusCare Premium

Complete IT & Network Management Solutions, Individually Designed From The Ground Up

Designed For Large Businesses & Schools

SiriusCare Premium is our enterprise level ICT management service designed for larger businesses and schools.
It is a completely bespoke service individually designed to meet the specific requirements of your operation.

This product has been designed with the aim of providing premium network support services at a cost that is both fair and predictable. SiriusCare Premium includes a full range of added support features, with the option of fixed monthly rates for extensive on-site and remote support and network management services.

In The Cloud

For smaller organisations or where you have Ultra fast broadband internet (fibre), the cloud may be the best place to serve your organisation from.

On Site

For larger organisations, or where your broadband connection is limited due to location or line conditions, it may be more optimal to have services held on-site.

Or Mix It Up

SiriusCare Premium can be delivered with a mix of cloud and on-site services as appropriate depending on your organisation’s needs.

SiriusCare Premium Served On-Site Offers:

Disaster Recovery

A SiriusCore twin-node cluster replicates all its services across pairs of servers on your premises – including storage.
These servers can be on opposite sides of your building or campus so that if one fails or is lost to disaster, the other node quickly takes over.


Your servers and services are located where you can see and touch them.

Full LAN Speeds

SiriusCore Onsite delivers full 1000Mbps LAN speeds to your services including cloud storage to your on-site devices, no matter how limited your internet connection may be.

Works Well With Legacy Services And Software

SiriusCore Onsite can natively serve up old services that cannot move to the cloud, such as legacy databases or software that won’t or shouldn’t work outside a local network for technical or security reasons.

Full Virtualisation Support

Virtualise your existing servers – a Sirius server can contain multiple virtual servers running either Windows or Linux, with scalable storage.

Scalable Resources

Storage and processing resources can be scaled up and down as needed – and when upgrades require physical changes to individual servers, we just move services to your other servers to carry out the job, and move them back when done.
In some cases, at night or during quiet times, we can even move all services to fewer servers and power the un-needed ones down, saving electricity.

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