Secure Cloud storage, sharing, and back-up - Ensuring protection & security

Back-Up, Sync & Share Effortlessly

SiriusCloud is a completely scalable solution which can cater to small or large operations.
It is available as a stand-alone product but also comes as part of our more comprehensive SiriusCare packages. We offer fully cloud-based systems for small amounts of storage with no additional equipment required at your end, and hybrid systems for larger amounts of data with an on-premise Cloud device for rapid syncing.

Instantly back up and seamlessly replicate your team’s work across all your computers, phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
SiriusCloud also keeps historical copies of changes to your work to protect you from mishaps and disasters.

For security, access is limited to New Zealand and other countries that you specify for travel.
As all data is stored and backed up at multiple NZ locations, there are no overseas laws or privacy issues to worry about.

Your data is secured, encrypted and backed up 4 times within the SiriusCloud data storage facilities – which are fire-proof, flood-proof and ruggedly constructed for maximum resiliency.


When connected to SiriusCloud via the internet, everything you work on is backed up instantly


Sync your files and folders between devices automatically – Start work on your desktop, continue on your laptop and view it on your tablet or smartphone


Share your files and folders between your team members and your organisation, and anyone else – with ease, and set time limits on external shares for security

So Why Choose SiriusCloud?

Protection from Disasters

SiriusCloud can restore accidentally deleted documents, as well as accidentally changed documents – you can easily switch back to previous saves of any file – or call us to do it for you. So if you’ve accidentally changed or deleted a file, dropped your laptop or set fire to your office, we’ve got your data covered.

Quick Support

Help is never far away! Your SiriusCloud subscription entitles you to easily accessable personal assistance.

So if you need to share content or restore a backup you can either do it yourself through our web portal, or call us and we can do it.

Your Data Remains Yours

Unlike some free cloud storage providers, we claim no unnecessary rights on your data. We do no targeted advertising (or advertising of any kind), no data mining, no analytics. We only store, sync, and back up your data, accessing it only upon your instruction and approval

Consider SiriusCare

All the features of our SiriusCloud, bundled with added security and management services

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